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It’s a common misconception that a pair of chapped lips can only be developed in frosty and arid climates during winter. Skiers, snowboarders, and other winter athletes understand the negative impact of sunshine and cold weather, but many do not recognize that chapped lips can appear in any climate or season. You know dry, cracked lips that hurt every time you move them can be quite the uncomfortable situation. So here is some advice to help you prevent this unpleasant beauty dilemma.

First off, knowing what you’re actually dealing with is important, so inform yourself that “chapped lips” has an actual medical term: cheilitis. Without any protection, exposing your lips to any brisk weather conditions is the leading cause for producing their chapped state. Also, overexposure of UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your lips. As with your other body parts, too much exposure inherently burns your lips, leaving them dry and coarse. Burning your lips can cause worse skin and health issues, so it’s vital to avoid this encounter. Contrary to what it seems, licking your lips does not alleviate them by adding moisture, and doing so will actually aggravate the chapping.

One simple and important method to prevent your lips from chapping is to moisturize them as often as, or even more than, you do to your other body parts. Instead of sticking to sunscreen and lotion after your daily shower, add lip balm with sunscreen in it to the mix. Since you probably spend a large portion of your day out of the house, be sure to carry some extra lip balm with you so you can apply it when necessary and start taking action on your dry lips.

You may find a variety of medical remedies for sale, so remember that the ointments and lip balms which will work best for the treatment of your lips will contain all or almost all natural ingredients. Coconut oil, peppermint, and vitamin E are a few of the best ingredients to search for in these lip balms. Also, if saving money or simply experimenting is a prospect for you, there is a plethora of recipes you can find online for concocting your own ointments or lip balms.

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