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It’s pounded into your head when you’re growing up – get eight glasses of water a day. You know that water is good for you and that you definitely want to get a lot of it daily, but that’s a generalization. Your daily water needs are dependent on a couple of factors. A larger person needs more water to account for their size, a long-distance runner needs more water to replenish lost hydration, and so on. Basically, we’re all different physically, and there’s no one recommendation for everybody to go by.

Consider Your Environment

Your surroundings play a big role in how much you need to drink per day. In hot or humid weather, you’re going to sweat – sweat enough and your body will need more water to compensate. Eight glasses probably isn’t sufficient during the summer time or for people who live in generally hot regions. If you live in a mountainous region or somewhere with a high elevation, you should also drink more water. Areas with higher elevation have thinner air, which in turn leads to more labored breathing and more frequent urination, which can both dehydrate you.

Consider Your Level of Activity

How active you are throughout the day should also help you figure out your water intake. If you play sports or engage in any other kind of vigorous physical activity, you’re much more likely to become dehydrated. If you’re sweating way more than you would if you were inactive, you should add about 2.5 glasses of water to the recommended eight. If you’re involved in a serious workout like a marathon run or a full game, consider adding 3 glasses. Of course, this is all general. The right amount is however much you feel you need, but stop if you ever feel uncomfortable, because drinking too much water can be a health concern. It’s extremely unlikely, but there are actually cases of death from over consumption.

Different Needs for Different Conditions

If you have any illnesses, it’s possible you could need more water daily. If you’re sick with a fever, you may want to drink more. Vomiting and diarrhea can also quickly dehydrate your body, as well as deplete nutrients and minerals that you’ll want to bring back with supplements. People with kidney and heart-related conditions can sometimes actually need less water each day. It’s best to consult with your doctor if you fall into one of these categories.

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