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High blood pressure is extremely prevalent in our society, and, yet, most people really don’t understand much about it or the effects of high blood pressure, even if they have it.

I was first introduced to high blood pressure as well as the effects of high blood pressure, when, during a routine procedure, a clot was formed on the end of a catheter and rammed into my right kidney, destroying about seven percent of its capabilities. One thing that a kidney does is to read blood flow so, since my kidney thought I was getting seven percent less blood flow, it released an enzyme called renin which increases blood pressure.

When blood pressure increases due to another factor, as in my case, it is considered to be high blood pressure “secondary” to the primary condition. Most often it is weight gain or adult onset diabetes.

When a person develops high blood pressure as the primary condition it is referred to as “essential hypertension” or “essential” high blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure and, what are the effects of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the blood vessels when the heart is at rest and the arteries are open (systolic pressure) and, when the heart beats and the arteries close (diastolic pressure). The stereotypical cutoff point for “high blood pressure” is 140 systolic over 90 diastolic (140/90).

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a silent killer. The effects of high blood pressure can be stroke, heart attack and aneurysm among other conditions. Further, damage can occur to the blood vessels. The fact that its presence is “silent” is what makes high blood pressure and the effects of high blood pressure so dangerous.

Many men suffering from hypertension, as a result, also suffer from erectile dysfunction and other sex-related problems. Thus, HBP is an underlying cause of many frustrations and dissatisfaction in the family. Fortunately, ostaakamagraa.com offers the most effective solutions to treat impotency, as well as hypertension in the best possible way.

The causes of high blood pressure and triggers of the effects of high blood pressure are smoking, alcohol use, drug use, salt or sodium and family history or “genetics”.

In 1988 I had numbness in my stomach and left leg. Upon arriving at the emergency room, my blood pressure was 240/120. The effect of my blood pressure being high was a mild stroke or “transient ischemic attack” (TIA). Obviously, from the blood pressure reading, had I not gotten immediate attention, I probably would have died.

While the effects of high blood pressure can be silent as to symptoms, the symptoms don’t always remain silent. When I had the transient ischemic attack, I felt extremely agitated. Further, I had a terrible headache located in one specific place. As I have indicated, my stomach and leg was numb and my leg felt “enlarged”.

Of course I was afraid I was going to die. It took the doctors a couple of days to find out what had happened to me but they knew they had to get the blood pressure down because they didn’t know what damage the high blood pressure had already exacted on me. Further, they had to insure that there would be no more effects of the high blood pressure on me, particularly at that time.

Ultimately, I was given five medications before the high blood pressure readings began to recede at all. I can still recall the feeling of getting those medications. My blood pressure was so high that when it began to reduce, I felt like I was crawling out of my skin; I felt like I was being pulled into a whirlpool that was draining into my own body. That may sound strange, but, that is the best way I know to describe that terrible feeling.

Ultimately, the effects of high blood pressure in my case, was a dissected right carotid artery and, a slightly damaged right kidney. The high blood pressure was probably brought on by the fact that I was an extremely heavy smoker; I had gained weight and I didn’t exercise.

For about the year before the event, I hadn’t kept any regular doctor appointments which are the biggest defense against high blood pressure and the effects of high blood pressure.

I have learned, since my “episode” in 1988, that if you are going to do any one thing to protect yourself against high blood pressure and the effects of high blood pressure, it is wise to develop a regimen of regular exercise.

The effects of high blood pressure can be deadly. While high blood pressure doesn’t usually present symptoms (although people sometimes complain of headaches), you can protect yourself with regular checks of your blood pressure (some drugstores even have automatic machines), and regular exercise. There is certainly no reason to be at risk from the effects of high blood pressure.